Saturday, January 19, 2013

We're back, Happy New Year!

Well, we took a loooong break, but we're back in business.

Tomasz, thanks for your concern :)  It was nice hearing from you.

The New Year started with a bang.  I spent some time visiting Vee in her home country, "The Frozen Tundra."  Our birthdays were celebrated with class, and jovial times were had by all.

Now, we're back at work, and watching the real world with all its problems and worries.

I want to shout out to all those pro-lifers in IRELAND.  Today they had a march to stand up against legalizing abortion.  From what I've heard there were probably 30,000 people there, but millions joined them in prayer and in their hearts!  God bless them, and may he preserve Ireland from the wrath of the culture of death.

Also want to shout out to my baby Godson, "Peanut" on his very first birthday.  I'm getting a Mass celebrated for you and for all your family's intentions...(do babies have intentions?  Well, I'm sure God knows what those are... lol)


Do babies have intentions!?!?!??! rotfl yes, to eat sleep and poop!!!

God is good, lets keep praying for the built-up of His Kingdom!

The Irish March against the legalization of Abortion