Monday, March 19, 2012

Feast of St Joseph

VEE: I love St Joseph!!! On this day Id like to share a thought I had while praying the fifth joyful mystery with DS. As most know the fifth joyful mystery is the finding of the child Jesus in the temple after Joseph and Mary spent three days looking for Him. I suspect after that episode they grounded Jesus until He was thirty and that is why He started His public ministry so late! :)

DS: (Guys shouldn't be ashamed to live with their parents until they're 30. Jesus did it. ;)

Vee also has a habit of pronouncing this Mystery, "The Fifth Joyful Mystery: the finding of Jesus in the temple...also known as...Jesus gets a spanking." I laugh every time!

Joseph was an awesome foster father, I'm sure. And Jesus had the most holy of Mothers. Yet, this Mystery portrays a very human side of this perfect family. Jesus never sinned. You can imagine the panic His parents felt when they lost him for 3 whole days. Joseph, being the guardian of the Holy Family, must have been going crazy trying to find his lost son. When they finally find him in the temple, their emotions were a mix of relief mingled with confusion, seeing that Jesus purposefully "lost" himself. Of course this story is a pre-cursor, a foreshadowing of the Triduum. Jesus will be "lost" for 3 days and we find Him again on Easter Sunday in his resurrected Glory.

I love St. Joseph. He is one of the Saints I honor and speak to the most. St. Teresa of Avila says he is an untiring intercessor for us. I imagine he faithfully fulfills the role of guardian and protector of the Church just as he did for Jesus, more than 2,000 years ago.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sping Break posts on their way...

Spring Break was great! We did a lot of day-traveling and had so many adventures! A few of the things we did:
-drove to the coast where Vee dared to take a cool dip in the Gulf and subsequently got burned to lobster-color level
-visited the oldest brewery in Texas, where I buzzed with their free samples
-took in a professional b-ball game and watched the best team in the country do what they do best (WIN!)

---AND we finally tasted our first MOFONGO at a quiet little hidden Puerto Rican restaurant.

There was absolutely no time for blogging this week, so, we'll be sharing our adventures when we get the chance...

Hope y'all had a great Spring Break! I know we sure did!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break 2012---welcome to Texas, Canadian!!!

DS: I told Vee to get down to Texas as soon as she could so I could kick her arse. Let the kicking commence!

VEE: arse?!?!?!? ahahahahha! Ds, you do realize you barely wrote anything about my previous trip to this lame place??

DS: Well, that was last summer and we never posted about it and before you know it, months passed and my memory isn't what it used to be. I'm old, remember?

Anyhoo, lets try to be better about posting this time...

Remember a few days back when I posted about Texas Independence day? Well, the Mexicans and the Texans made up, and things are all better. To toast the friendship, Vee and I traveled to Gruene's famous Mozie's Bar...

We Texans are very proud of our Lone Star state, and as a goodwill offering, I gave Vee a gift:

VEE: Im going to try to pass a lot of gas on my Texas flag lawn chair.

DS: <_<

Next stop: Natural Bridge Caverns, the Basilica of the Little Flower, and bothering some Carmelite Nuns...

Monday, March 5, 2012

The HHS Mess

DS: I am astonished at the propaganda being poured out by the media right now over Obama's forced mandate for all Catholic institutions to pay for women's birth control, sterilizations and abortions. Political pundits and "journalists" (I use that term extremely loosely here,) are having their say about it, and none of it is about the actual mandate, but more an attack on the Catholic Church. If there was any doubt that ABC, NBC, CBS were controlled by the liberal agenda, their "reporting" on this issue confirms it.

In recent days, it has come to be known that Media Matters for America, which calls itself a non-profit organization, has written total scripts for NBC news. All of it is propaganda. There is not one ounce of journalistic integrity amongst these people. They are pro-Obama, pro-liberal, pro-planned parenthood. These are the news sources millions stay tuned to. People are beginning to realize that they are slowly being fed what these people want them to hear. It is brainwashing on a grand scale.

In order for tyrants to stay in power, they "dumb" down the populace, get rid of or mock intellectuals and those who share truth with the public. The Catholic church is definitely in their crosshairs. The general voting public is already a victim. Are you next?

Here are some voices that refuse to be silent:

This list is hardly complete...there are many, many voices crying out against this injustice! Pray for the end of the obama administration come November. Pray our country is finally blessed with a president that understands the basics of the Constitution. The liberal media and those who propogate liberal ideas are already at work to divert the attention concerning this attack against religious liberty, instead they are putting the focus on "birth control access to women" and accusing those against the mandate as being "against women." THIS WOMAN wants to tell you, THIS IS A LIE. I am a woman and I am more offended by this mandate as it is an attack against the Catholic Church. This is an attack against religious liberty!

Stop this insidious mandate and let your voices continue to be heard. Pray that God will have mercy on the Church in America, because our persecution is only beginning.....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Texas Independence Day!

DS: Today my great state is celebrating the 176th anniversary of its independence from Mexico. The rebellion that ended in a republic was ugly, unjust, and its participants are probably now suffering hellfire for all eternity. The history of Texas taught to me when I was a wee child was a pack of bull poo. It made the mexicans look like the most vile human beings on the face of the earth and the anglos the heroes. I'm glad that I can research what really happened in order to better appreciate the creation of this state that is very dear to my heart. Yes, despite the ugliness of the war, the awful racism and injustice that conceived it, I love Texas. I consider myself a Texan-American and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. God has a way of bringing goodness out of evil. Texas is a prime example of this.

VEE: I wash myself with a Texas flag on a stick. Furthermore



Happy Independence Day, y'all!


Vee, get ur butt down to Texas so we can go to the Shiner brewery!

VEE: Shiner beer?!?!?!?! Welllll.... I guess there are SOME good things about Texas after all. Wait, are you trying to lure me down there with beer so you can kick my butt for making fun of your lame-o state???

DS: Just come on down...I'll be waiting for ya...

VEE: ok...

to be continued....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let nothing...

VEE:  This came to my mind today at work when I found one of my coworkers to be annoying, in particular the part "let nothing disturb you."  He walked past and clapped his hands toward my face to get my attention and I was like "oh hi" but later I felt pissed off.  No he doesnt like me and I dont care if he did because he is a disgusting jerk.  On the contrary Ive thought for some time now that when people really annoy me it is God's way of putting them in my path, getting my attention so I might pray for them.  All things are passing.  all things are passing.  All things are passing.