Sunday, May 27, 2012


Restout's "Pentecost"

VEE: On this 'fiftieth day' after Easter we hear in the Gospel about all kinds of exciting, miraculous things and this heavenly fire called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit moves like eternal flame, never dying out but enlivening the Catholic church and setting souls aflame.  On that first Pentecost we hear of how the disciples could suddenly speak foreign languages thus helping to convert the listeners.  Today we still need the Holy spirit to give us the words, even in our native tongue, to speak on a level that those we are called to help draw closer to Christ will understand.

The Spirit moves where it wishes and no one can escape.  Those who wallow in sin, those who run from God, those who could care less, and those who have no clue.  God desires each of us to be on fire for Him because He loves each of us as if no one else existed and will stop at nothing to capture your heart.  Your lukewarmness will be set aflame because the alternative is as He knows, eternal damnation.  He will come after us til the end of our lives to save us from ourselves and our sins because He longs for us to be with Him.  Only by your not wanting to be with Him in the end  will be the only thing that separates you from God.

DS:  Happy birthday to the Holy Roman Catholic Church!  On this date, the Church baptized thousands at the hands of the apostles.  The Holy Spirit came upon each and every single one of them like a strong burning wind possessing their souls--- these men were never the same again.  One might ask, where is the zeal and the energy of that day?  Do the members of the Church seem to you as sleepy?  Lukewarm?  Wounded?  The last 40 years have been a trying time for our Church, many members do not even know their basic prayers, and their basic beliefs.  It still astounds me when I read statistics showing the percentage of Catholics who do not even know what the Mass is, or believe in the True Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist!   After Vatican II, we went through a dizzying time of re-inventing the wheel and came up with square pegs.  Why does this happen?  I don't know, but I believe its time for us to embrace that first Pentecost and allow the Holy Spirit to set us on fire!  Bl. Pope John Paul II called for a "new springtime" in the Church.  Pope Benedict is doing everything the Holy Spirit is inspiring him to do in order to see us through this new springtime.   I can only offer my own simple solution to the problems:  pray, pray, pray to the Holy Spirit, call upon Him always, and He will not disappoint!  I trust in Him and I have all my confidence that the members of the Church will awaken from their slumbers and propagate the Faith with renewed zeal and love and charisma, to be lights in this dark world and true members of the Body of Christ on earth...

Thursday, May 17, 2012


DS:   Today I traveled to a prominent liquor warehouse and perused their wide variety of beers from all over the nation as well as the whole entire world.  It was quite a collection, and I'm happy to inform you that I decided on Leinenkugel's Summer Sampler Pack. :D :D :D

I have NEVER had the pleasure of even a sip of this fine beer.  It is quite a sampler.  It includes 3 bottles of four of the brewery's best beers:      Honeyweiss, Classic Amber, Summer Shandy, and Sunset Wheat.  I will review each after I drink a few more samples. :)

The Leinenkugel's brewery has been in production for over 135 years.  It is located in the beautiful state of Wisconsin (not only home to the best cheez, people, but some of the nation's finest beers...)  Here is their website:   Leinenkugel's

Anyhoo, don't wait for my reviews, I suggest you go out and try some of this awesome beer.  It is delish.  Some men may find it a little too delicate for their tastes, but I think men should buy a stash and drink it secretly when no one is watching...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

VEE:  We all have a perfect mother in Mary and in the Catholic Church.  When our Earthly mothers disappoint, fail, or are absent we are still not alone.

DS:  My earthly mom never disappointed me.  She did leave me in '06. :(  Happy Mom's day, mommy.  I can only imagine the beauty you live in now, and how much your happiness has been fulfilled after a life of so much sorrow and suffering.  I love you more than this world can hold....and since love never dies...I know you live forever!

Happy mother's day to all the mom's out there!  God bless!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Teresa of the Andes Part 6

VEE:  THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!  I keep thinking of the scene after she dies and is laying in the choir surrounded by flowers and all the nuns.  The family is permitted to enter the sanctuary and walk right up to the grille.  They stand there waiting facing the dark curtain when suddenly the curtain is drawn back and they can see that beautiful scene.  She was not alone as her brother earlier cried thinking about.  What thoughts went through their minds upon seeing that?  Seeing the beauty and glory of a holy life, a life we all are called to live wherever we are, yet many of those close to her were caught up in a tepid faith or worldly ways.  

Apparently her sister Rebecca entered that same Carmel within the year but I wonder what became of the other family members?  One would think that with a saint in the family the other family members would easily change their ways and get to heaven but we do have free will so who knows.

I cant believe Ive turned into such a nerd watching nun movies.  It was only several years ago that I was watching shows like Jackass.  God does interesting things to people.

DS:  The movie is over.  All I can say after watching the final episode is "wow."  It hit me emotionally and spiritually.  We witness the death of a saint, in all its drama, joy, sadness, glory.  St. Teresa of the Andes "heard" the Blessed Virgin tell her that within one months time, she would be gone from her mortal entrapment.  At first, this is too much to bear for Teresa, and the first and only person she shares this information is with her chaplain.  His only response for her is to live for Christ "even if that means living here for another 50 years."  (He doesn't believe her.)  On Good Friday, the other sisters notice how faint Teresa looks, and she is taken to her cell, never to leave it again.  The actress, Paulina Urrutia, gives a convincing portrayal of the saint in all her sufferings... this is where I just lost it...what we witness next, is the beautiful love the sisters have for their sister-in-Christ.  They take care of her, stay by her bedside, and try their best to relieve her suffering.  Try as they might, the suffering remains.  Teresa is an offering, an oblation to the Lord.  She struggles as typhus rages through her boddy.  There is no relief.  The relief only comes when the Lord comes to take her to Him forever. 

Many have said the movie moves at a very slow pace.  I agree, but at the same time, I remained very entertained with the characters.  You get to see what environment Teresa grew up in, her family and her experiences that led her to Carmel.  We see a depth in Teresa that we rarely get to see in most Saint movies.  I believe it is a very beautiful depiction of the saint, one that left me inspired to do everything I can to move closer to Jesus.   I highly recommend this movie.