Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Feast of St John of the Cross!!

VEE: Aaaah Juanito. From other people's opinions of him Id thought he was too lofty, cold and only for dark nights. He introduced himself to me though on my first visit to a Carmel. God was spoiling me rotten there and on my bookshelf in my room in the guesthouse were books by or about Therese <_< or John. I was reluctant to pick up John's books because of his supposed loftyness. I didnt want to read Therese though so Juanito it was. The book I picked up was The Living Flame of Love which is fairly understandable without reading much of the commentary, so it was in that that John explained God's love to me. He put into words some of the experience I was having. Id later find that all his works, The Dark Night, The Ascent of Mt Carmel, the Spiritual Canticle would all explain what was going on. All I ask of John is that as I carry my cross and pathetically ascend Mt Carmel that he stay with me, guide me, and help me even though I dont deserve him.

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