Sunday, February 8, 2015



It's been awhile...

Vee lost her mom and shortly after that stopped posting on this blog.  I have been struggling with some health issues and haven't had much time to write.

Sometimes people start blogs because they want to express themselves to an audience... or sometimes they just use it as their daily, weekly, monthly diary... I believe the world wide web has a trillion blogs out there... some have millions of readers while the majority have 1 or 2 or even less.  I would like to continue, but as always, need to pray about it...

TeamOpCarm is made up of two people from two different backgrounds with a great love for two charisms of the Catholic church: Carmelite spirituality and Dominican spirituality.  We're not the role models of these two spiritualities, far from it, but we wanted this blog to share our passion for these two spiritualities while at the same time sharing how normal it is to be Catholic (we're not rigid robots) hence the love of beer thrown into our description.

Since I last posted, it seems to me the world is becoming an even darker place to live in.  I often wonder what St. Teresa of Avila would do or St. Dominic if they were living in our world at this time.  For sure they would be making headlines every week... they were not afraid to boldly proclaim the Gospel, it didn't matter if it wasn't PC or if it came off as "offensive" to certain groups.  I think we Catholics have a real job to do, and we need to stop being pantywaists.  We're so afraid of offending people with the Gospel!  Does that even make sense??? We're afraid of preaching about Jesus Christ because we're afraid it's going to hurt someone?  How can that be?  ridiculous!

We need to turn our lights on, Christians!  As the world grows darker, we should be burning brighter than ever!

Go out and Preach it!

God Bless


  1. Let's be light, salt to this world again....With God and Mary impossible is nothing, even when we are surrounded by darkness & bitterness. Thanks for this post, Polish prayers go to you and Vee. Z Bogiem!

  2. Vee, I am praing for you. I miss you and DS.

  3. i thought you were Vee!! Anyhow, my message is still the same. DS I am praying for you, and I miss vee and you.

  4. Pax. Me ha gustado mucho las caricaturas de los religiosos, estoy interesada en aprender cómo hacer estos dibujos e incluso poder hacer un pequeño vídeo o comic religioso explicando nuestro carisma. Podrían informarme qué programa o software me podría ayudar a hacer algo sencillo, práctico para poder hacer algo especial. Soy monja cisterciense, agradeceré su ayuda. Que el Señor os bendiga.