Friday, September 9, 2011



"Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven."  Jesus' words to the disciples are made real in the image above of the papal emblem, the so called "keys of the kingdom" one representing Earth the other heaven.  Christ has given each validly ordained priest that power of binding and loosing which he exercises in the sacrament of Confession.  A  priest most offen loosens sins in that sacrament but sometimes, for the sake of the sinner in order to correct, the sins are bound.

This happened to me once, several years ago, so I know what it is like.  The priest, after hearing my confession, said basically that it was difficult for him but he could not grant me absolution.  He explained why, he explained what I had to do in order to be granted absolution, and that I was unable to participate in any of the sacraments until absolution was granted.  I left the confessional in a daze.  Mass had already started so I sat in a pew torn between staying and leaving.  Why stay if I cant participate?  What a mean Church not granting me absolution.  If I went to whom shall I go?  To sin and death or obey and be with He who has the words of eternal life?  I stayed.  I had told the priest I would obey him, I would follow what he said, so I sat through Mass.  I left after still in a daze still wondering can he do that?  Research proved that yes priests can.

Needless to say I was given many graces, amended my life, although it was veeeery difficult and was eventually absolved.  God knew what was necessary.  Even though the correction may hurt the eternal fires of Hell hurt a lot more!!  I love the Church and the sacrament of Confession for no such thing exists outside of it.  That apostolic, valid absolution is indescribable.  Go.  You will feel a lot better afterwards.

I also thank God for those who dared to correct me in my sinfulness although it did take a long time and softening of heart to be able to receive it..  As we heard in this Sunday's readings we will be held accountable if we dont even try to say hey what you are doing is wrong.  We may not always go about it in the best manner, which we must admit before God, but we do have that obligation to try and help our brothers and sisters to avoid sin.  We may face their anger but Id rather face that than God's.  Ive upset Him enough


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