Thursday, September 1, 2011

OPCarm Goes to Carmel- among other places


The day started off with doing laundry and running errands. Errands such as mailing someone's several month late birthday present! That out of the way we needed food and so it was off to my first first taste of Chik-fil-A

It doesnt look like much but it was delicious and I liked their waffle-cut fries and lemonade. Having eaten we were ready to hit the road for San Antonio!!! YAAY!

Our first stop would be the Basilica of the Little Flower where there was a wedding about to take place so we didnt have much time, however, we did have enough time to look around and take some pictures.

St Teresa de Jesus dancing because Carmelites are fun unlike OPs who just mope.

Recreation of her real grave in Lisieux

Someone praying, probably asking to enter Carmel.

Wear the brown scapular already!

DS: The day started kind of late. I wanted to get to San Antonio in the early a.m., but we got up late, headed over to my house to do laundry (I think,) and got to San Antonio in the afternoon. The first place on our agenda was the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower.

IT is probably the most beautiful and poorest basilica in the whole wide world. But it is one of the treasures of San Antonio, and I love going there for prayer and silent recollection. OF course, dragging along Vee, you don't get silence nor recollection. The visit there was still very beneficial. You don't have to do much to soak in the graces of Jesus...just being in His Presence is enough. I'm happy Vee was able to visit this beautiful place, especially since she is getting chased by several Carmelite Saints (I can't figure out why they would want her!)

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