Monday, February 20, 2012

Stage Four

Vee: Apparently my mom's cancer, which she is still in denial about, is in stage four. There is nothing that can be done now except manage her pain.

We each have our own path in life, however, I am reminded of St Therese's sister Celine who was only able to enter religious life after the caring for, and death of her father. For me discerning a religious vocation now is an impossibility as one of the admission requirements is freedom from obligations to others (debts, dependents, etc...) and the far remoteness of the reality of such a vocation would only come at the death of my mother. I only mention that as I once was discerning such a vocation. Now I just live everyone's vocation, to know love, and serve God. Im not waiting for a vocation to begin, Im already in it.


  1. Prayers for both of you. :signofcross:

  2. Vee, it is an honourable vocation to care for your sick mother. I pray that she will be open to the care not only from you, but from the rest of the family.

  3. May God guide and comfort you in this time and may the Holy Mother keep you and your family under her mantle.