Saturday, August 18, 2012

peek a boo

my pic

VEE:  Wow, I just came across this picture while going through old photos of my time in Japan.  I didnt know she was there.  I didnt know who she was.  I was a Catholic in name only and I only went to Mass that Sunday because my mom was visiting and she wanted to go.  Therese was there, always there, with me even when I didnt know and thought I was a long way from God.  The significance of this photo is very difficult to convey.  No matter what, God is with us, His saints are with us whether we want them there or not, whether we care or know or not.  They are always drawing us ever closer to Him even though we may not notice or it maybe very painful it is ultimately for our own good.  I didnt love Therese first, she loved me and if I have a certain sense of humor to her that others may find difficult to understand thats because it is sibling rivalry and humor between sisters.  Therese being the sister I try to disown but who never goes away!!! LOLOLOLOLOL


  1. i for one hopes she never ever leaves you, vee :)

  2. Therese fights for each and every soul - my life, too, can serve as a proof of this fact :).

    God bless both of you!

  3. cool.
    I should start looking at old fotos to see if any saints have been following me all along.