Thursday, September 27, 2012

Children's Mass

VEE:  At my parish they have an elementary school.  Once a month, the kids attend morning Mass.  On Sundays we also have what they call the "children's liturgy" where the kids go out before the Gospel, so they miss hearing it along with their families as they are whisked away into another room.  I suppose a church "leader" takes the time to read the Gospel to them and then gives the children an entertaining project to do, like color pictures.  In the meantime, the children are missing the Mass with their parents and families.  In my opinion, this seems to fracture, not strengthen the community aspect of the Holy Mass.  Why should we endure this interruption?  Each priest on Sunday invites the children up and dismisses them in his own way:    some will  talk to the children, some just give a quick blessing and dismiss.  One priest tends to go overboard with trying to be a buddy and a comedian.  There seems to be this philosophy that if we do not make the Mass something like a children's show, the children are at a loss and bored.  Today my mom attended the school's Mass and told me, "he really had the children going!"  I cringed.

Children need to learn reverence and respect for the Mass, what the Mass truly is, the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary, who the priest stands for, Who we receive, etc. and that we do not go to Mass to be entertained like a corny kids show.  Such over the top antics serve to distract from the Mass, not help the faithful assist at it spiritually.

The movie "Dogma" poked fun at the Church.  Yet, after watching this clip, I see more truth in it than humour.  When we mistreat the Mass we treat Him no better than the heretics do.   

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