Monday, September 24, 2012

Christmas is only three months away

Are you an early bird shopper for Christmas gifts?  I am.  But most importantly, I am an early bird at dropping hints on what is on my Christmas wish list. ;)

Here is my first hint:

It is called the "ostrich pillow" and it creates an ideal environment for power naps.  This picture pretty much sealed the deal for me.  I definitely need this for the office!

It is created by a company called, "Studio Banana Things".  Neat-o.  Perhaps you will find something for that hard to buy person on your Christmas list!

Vee are you paying attention?  


  1. I don't like it... one, it leaves you open to attack from all sides since it covers most of your senses. Your hands are tied up, thus cutting down reaction time. No way, putting a hat over your head is better.

    Plus it looks like it will soak up your drool, thus your head wallows in saliva.

    I like the beer can idea better