Saturday, October 13, 2012



VEE: oh my gosh taking care of a stubborn adult is worse than a two year old.  I guess my mom put up with all my crap for years now its my turn to look after her.  Im sooo stinking angry though because she does things like yard work that the doc told her she shouldnt do (because her bones are full of cancer and could shatter) but she is doing it anyway.  I dont even want to go to Mass Im jsut so angry.  There is no way I can receive Communion with this level of anger and Im not even sorry either.  Im not taking it out on her though, I vent to my sister instead.  It pisses me off that she is in denial and wont acknowledge her cancer, then there are the complete opposite people who bitch and moan about every hang nail.  One has nothing wrong when really everything is wrong and the other has everything wrong when its frikken nothing. 


  1. :( Sorry you had such a bad day. I will pray more for your mom to accept her condition as it worsens, and not do any activities that can hurt her even more. Prayers for your strength during this time....

  2. I appreciate your prayers. Even though I felt very upset at my mom I showed very little of it to her, only muttering comments that she shouldnt be doing those things. Interiorly though, and to you ds and my sister I was having a hard time and boy did you guys hear about it. Going to Church this afternoon really really helped though. Thank you God.



  4. Sorry to hear this. I sincerely hope that your mother will understand and do what she's advised. I fully agree with the last line of your post. In prayer!