Sunday, November 10, 2013

pocketful of morphine

I had some interesting things in my pockets this week.  Ok two things, morphine and Jesus.  My mom's pain got to the point on Friday that I had to stay home from work and she was prescribed morphine.  To make sure she doesnt mess up when taking the drugs I give them to her in consultation with my sister the nurse.  As she cant attend Mass when father was here yesterday, giving her the anointing of the sick, he said I could bring her Communion in  a pyx they would give me after mass.  After mass today I spoke with the deacon, he set me up and Jesus King of kings, Lord of lords, etc etc sat in my coat pocket as I biked back home in the chilly wind.  Donkey jokes are accepted.  We chatted, I suggested it might be a nicer ride if I lived in a place with palm trees :P I was honored to be able to do that but wish a priest or someone else more qualified was available.

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