Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmass Mourning: we need to pray for each other

 I am just rambling and putting ideas down.  Allow me to share my mind mix:

I neglect to pray for those outside my immediate bubble.  That's a straight out confession.  I am too absorbed in my own worries and loved ones, that others don't even cross my mind.  Today, Pope Francis called upon us to spend a few minutes at Noon (whenever noon happens in our part of the world,) to pray for those who hunger.

I can't imagine what living life would be like without knowing where my next meal is coming from.  But that's not all. Most of the world's hungry don't even have roofs over their heads, places to sleep comfortably, bathrooms, running water!  We need to remember these people, and pray for them.  Prayer is so powerful, we can do the impossible with God! 

Another group that often gets overlooked at Christmas are those who are mourning.  Christmas has always been a time of joy and excitement for most people.  Things changed for me when I lost my brother to a motorcycle accident 20 years ago.  Ever since his death, Christmas has become more spiritual for me, as it should.  7 years ago, I lost my mom, so the sadness around this time has multiplied.  Vee lost her mother just three weeks ago :(  For some of us, that joy we experienced in our youth is lost for good.  We can only keep our eyes looking forward to that Eternal Christmas, when we will reunite and be a family again in Paradise.  There are many people mourning their loved ones during the Holiday seasons.  We should remember to pray for them as well.

Let us remember the sick and those in the hospital, nursing homes and those who are living all alone.  There is a group of elderly at my parish.  They live together in a dilapidated house.  I'm thinking of going there to visit them, closer to Christmas day and see what I can do for them.  I wanted to decorate their homes for them, but I don't know...wouldn't want to create a fire hazard and burn their house down.  I will see what I can do...

Let's all start with prayer, I'm sure it will lead to action to make this world just a little bit better for the less fortunate people out there.

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  1. Ive seen your Christmas decorating abilities ds and I think those poor people already have enough misery in their lives!!!

    Yes my mom passed away November 17 and life is weird now.