Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Love My German Shepherd

Vee: In light of all that is going on with Fr Corapi and his new persona/creepy website The Black Sheep Dog my two cents are as follows. Im going to stick with my German Shepherd! Baaa!

DS: I find the whole thing extremely sad. I think Fr. Corapi shouldn't criticize the Bishop of Corpus Christi. Peeps are comparing Fr. Corapi to Padre Pio, but I'm not sure if Padre Pio ever opened his mouth against his accusers and his superiors. I doubt it. All I can say is, we all say stupid lame things when we are upset. Heck, I did that just last week, LOL! I think Fr. Corapi is just upset. I hope and pray for him, as thousands are praying for him. I have complete trust in God that these prayers are not in vain.

BTW---I agree with Vee, Our German Shepherd rawks :)


  1. Can you tell this is a Catholic blog? Two out of the first three posts have the pope and Mary! Yay!!

  2. we are thinking about getting a beagle

  3. People are falsely accused sometimes. Cardinal Bernardin is a recent, high-profile example. I'm sensitive to criticisms that after decades of excessive laxity in one direction, the pendulum has swung way too far in another.

    (I would, however, say that Cardinal Bernardin saw his reputation entirely restored, even enhanced, as he was cleared and forgave his accuser. Possibly we are in a much more poisonous era now where this is no longer possible, but still.)

    But I'm pretty sure that "resigning your priesthood and creating a new ministry not sanctioned by the Church so they cannot control me anymore" does not comport with ANY understanding of obedience.

    My heart breaks for this guy.

    John Corapi (by his own choice he is no longer acting as 'Father') is making it hard to be sympathetic. And may give the falsely accused a bad name.

    Cardinal Bernardin, pray for us.

  4. Sad. Did any of you ladies even read what he's been saying? He has not lost it from what i gather. Father's been suspended and can't be cleared of the accusation though the church investigation (It isn't far fetched to believe this process can't ever clear him) and so he's going to pursue clearing it through the civil courts--in the meantime he will continue to preach as a layman (he can't use "Father"). When he is cleared he'll be restored. He isn't rebelling. Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

    Things are not always what they seem and we don't know the specifics. He seems sane--his story holds up. While he is indeed upset, he's being blunt and yet he hasn't downplayed the institution of the episcopate nor has he personally attacked the bishop.


  5. Btw, you hardly said anything edifying about the Pope in your post! :P