Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tiny Texas Houses

DS: There is a place in Texas that builds tiny houses using scrap metals and antique fixtures. I live on ranchland, and I was out this morn looking at the flat, expansive, empty fields that were once corn fields. I dream of landscaping the place, putting in more trees with paths, ponds and gardens. It would be nice to stick one of these little houses out there in the middle of nowhere so I can "get away from it all." Heck, I'd probably wind up living in it permanently! Even if I was a millionaire, I would want to live in one of these quaint, cozy little houses.

Vee: These are so cute and if I had the $$$ and immigration status to live in Texas I would get one of them. It is like the perfect little hermitage. Naturally I would want it as far away as possible from DS' tiny house. It's not so much her I'd have a problem with, it would be her hundreds of cats! :P

Here is the link to the company's website:


  1. A poustinia perhaps?

  2. Im too dumb to be a poustinia. Id be run out of the village in no time! It might be a better fit for DS what with the OP ideal of contemplating and preaching the fruits of that contemplation.

  3. DS can poustinia and village yenta!!