Sunday, July 10, 2011


He is God and I am not.
That is the short answer on why I go to Adoration even on vacation, because any time is Adoration time. He is Truth, Love, Beauty, Hope, etc. and without Him I am sin, misery, foulness and evil. In His compassion and mercy He allows me to sit in His presence, a presence that in the Old Testament would kill anyone who looked at Him. Remember the Ark of the Covenant? Now, however, thanks to Mary's "yes" which counters Eve's "no" I who am nothing can sit before He who is everything. At Mass, if I am in a state of grace, He even comes to me body, blood, soul, and divinty. I can consume my God and in turn He consumes me and gives me worth, value, and life. So fully does He permit me to enter His presence that my miserable sinful self becomes one with God and what else is there? Is there anything better I could be doing? Even if I am on vacation that doesnt mean a vacation from my Lord and God. I left Him before in my life, God forbid I ever do that again! Without Him it is not really life for He is God and I am not.

Pope Benedict came out with the following:

Pontiff: Don't Forget the Gospel When Packing for Vacation
VATICAN CITY, JULY 3, 2011 ( When packing for vacation this summer, leave space in your suitcase for the Gospel, Benedict XVI urges.

The Pope said this today when greeting those gathered in St. Peter's Square today to pray the midday Angelus. Speaking in French, the Holy Father offered a brief reflection on summer vacation.

Vacation, he explained, "it's not about leaving for the sake of leaving and resting, but rather it's about living our relationships with our loved ones in a new way with God."

He noted that the Gospel passage for this Sunday (Matthew 11: 25-30), which speaks of the yoke of Christ, points out to us the need for "rest and serenity."

"Jesus invites us to come to him, to trust him," the Pope added. "Faith in his presence gives us the serenity of one who knows he is always loved by the Father."

"Place an emphasis on reading God's Word, especially the Gospel, which you are sure to put in your holiday luggage," Benedict XVI concluded. "Good pilgrimage to all!"

In English, the Pope added: "At this time of year when so many of you are taking your annual holiday, I pray that you will truly find refreshment for body and spirit and an opportunity to rest in the Lord. May God bestow his blessings of joy and peace upon all of you, and upon your families and loved ones at home."

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  1. I did better praying the Hours on vacation than I did when I got home. :-(