Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Are Alive

VEE: Sheesh this place is neglected. DS go update something :P Where to start? At the beginning I guess ...on my way to Texas I saw this at my transit airport:

DS: This was started back when VEE was on her way to visit me. Its been more than a week now, and we haven't posted as much as we'd like. Well, it is our first meeting, and it has been one event after another. Lotz of fun had by the both of us, and we are still not through!

Just to comment on the picture VEE posted above ...that's a Nashie, not one of my Ann Arbor Dominicans. Catching a Dominican out in the world is like spotting a rare bird in the wilderness! I love it!

VEE: Blecck OPS <_<

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  1. They're opening a school in Spring, TX (Houston) and are there preparing the school--the high school will open in 2013!