Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DS and Vee's Excellent Adventure

Part I
DS' perspective of the first day:
Vee arrived in Texas on a hot Thursday afternoon. I think it was in the 100's. Not exactly the kind of temps she's used to. I was parking my car in the short-term when I received a text... "Where are you, I'm scared"
Scared cos this was the first time she was meeting me in person. I was scared too. We had grown to know one another through the website Phatmass, and we think we are friends... we think we would get along in real life... now here she was: to spend time, drink beer and travel with me in the span of 17 days!!! What if we HATED each other??
It was too late for that...

Vee's perspective:
Waitaminit! Why is this titled DS and VEEs excellent adventure and not VEE and DS' ??? <_<

I left Canada as the sun was rising on a clear summer morning. The Texas summer had the familiar heat but lacked the humidity Id lived with overseas so I liked it. A short lay-over where I would spot a Dominican Sister would prove to be a precursor of things to come. (Things meaning Id see waaaaaay too many OPs on this trip.) I landed in Texas 30 mins late but I would find out that DS was 30 mins late too. I waited for my checked bag while looking around, where was she? I got a text saying she was at the curbside pick up, so with luggage in hand and my heart in my throat I walked out the airport doors. I called DS, she told me she can see me and I finally spotted her across the road semi hiding beside a pillar. <_< Looks like I wasnt the only chicken. I crossed the road, set down my bags, and the voice and words were no longer a pixel.

DS: My first impression of Vee was... well, she is a bit taller than me... in fact, my neck would eventually suffer from the constant strain of having to look up to talk to her. Also, she was much darker than me. I think she should be the darker one in our header...

Vee: After having verified, that we each were in fact the person we meant to find we headed off on our first adventure. Finding our way out of the parking lot!

DS: It isn't my fault that the airport's short-term garage only has one path out! I'm sorry for driving us around in there for 20 mins, though. You would think I knew my way out of that airport! I've only been there dozens of times!!

I was 30 mins late because I had blown out a tire on the way to the airport. So, Vee's first stop in Texas was an exciting Discount Tire Shoppe. What a way to start a vacation!

VEE: Shoppe? You British now?

After getting her new wheel we headed into DS' home town looking to pray the Rosary and attend Mass. We went to the first chapel she had in mind but had to leave during the first decade because someone else came in to pray and we were laughing too hard and couldnt stop. Parish number two had a couple of people praying but we knelt in the back and I stifled my laughs in my arms so it probably looked like I was crying. I dont know what was so funny but we did finish our first Rosary together. We then went to another parish that had evening Mass yay! There I would see someone who hasnt left me alone for two years and probably thinks its funny. Can you spot her? The cage looking thing on the left is the crying room.

By this time we were ready for some drinks and food.

DS: yup, go to Mass and then the bar afterwards!

Vee: At the pub I would experience my first of many ID checks to verify that I am in fact waaaay over the legal drinking age.

DS: It got annoying after awhile. Okay, i'm just jealous cos I wasn't even carded when I was illegal!!!

Vee: The beer and food were excellent (yum Shiner!) although the company left something to be desired :P Im joking. DS was great company and I was relieved that, as far as day one went, we got along. Pictured is a pint of Guinness and a bigger Shiner Blonde.

DS: I had the Woodchuck Amber Cider, which had a fruity sweet aftertaste. It was very yummy. I ended when an amaretto sour, which took the sweetness of the beer from my tastebuds and raised it a notch. Despite its name, its not sour at all. I also introduced Vee to this bar's famous hamburger, which is one of the best hamburgers in the whole wide world. The bun has a honey taste to it, so, along with the ground beef patty makes for an interesting combination...

Over all, the first day of our adventure was not disappointing at all. It started with a tire blow out, and a delayed flight, but over all ended on a very positive note.

I found myself feeling like I've known this person all my life! And I looked forward to what tomorrow would bring. :)


  1. sheesh...little did i know what tomorrow would bring!!!

  2. Is this really going to have 17 parts??? Good gravy folks, we want to know what happened!!!!!!!