Monday, August 22, 2011

Vee and DS' Excellent Adventure

Day Two


DS had to work this day so I spent the morning relaxing and recovering from the trauma of the previous day. :P At lunch she, along with her co worker, picked me up with and we went for Mexican food. It being Friday and me being Catholic I had the spinach enchilada plate. DS is some kind of heretic and had green chicken enchiladas. Heretic. Then again I do think she claimed that it, being the feast of St Mary Magdalene, freed her to eat as she wanted and was NOT a heretic. I liked the restaurant and enjoyed the company. They then dropped me off, went back to work, and I went back to relaxing.

In the evening we met up with one of DS' brothers and a few nephews and nieces (a nice bunch, I dont know how DS ended up being related to them :P) to go watch Captain America. He's cute. End of review lol. Oh before the movie we stopped at Eskimo Hut (why they dont call it "Igloo" I'll never know) to get margaritas which we smuggled into the theatre. Drive through booze vendors like that amuse me because such a magnificent invention doenst exist in my lame country. After the movie we grabbed some crazy bread from a pizza shop, and made my first visit to Walmart Texas. Whats so great about that? Its Texas, they have beer, unlike my Walmart, and the staff are friendly. We then prayed the Rosary and called it a night because tomorrow we were headed to Carmel.

DS: After my work day was done, i went to the hotel to pick up vee and take her to "The Eskimo Hut." Its a place that sells sammiches, soups and cocktails...through a drive thru. Now, they put you on an "honour" system, where you won't touch the alcholic beverage until you reach your destination. Yeah. Right.

After loading up on margaritas, we placed them inside my back pack and went to the movie, Captain America. (Yes, I'm 14 years old.) If the theatre workers knew i smuggled that stuff in, i'd be banned for life. The movie was ur typical Marvel Comics Super hero tripe. But man o man, was Chris Evans drop dead gorgeous in that film! Heck, when is Chris Evans NOT drop dead gorgeous???

In between handfuls of popcorn and swigs of margarita, I looked over at Vee to make sure such American patriotism wasn't wearing her out. Its too bad there is no such thing as Captain Canada, but then he would probably be wimpy and effeminate. hahahahahahhaahhaha

After the movie, we grabbed a bite to eat and called it a nite. Tomorrow was to bring us face to face with a Carmelite Nun. (the horror...)


  1. nice Canadian spelling of theatre lol!

  2. There was Captain Canuck!