Tuesday, June 19, 2012


VEE:  one of the reasons (the other is in the last post's comments) I havent been posting is because tomorrow my mom will take a radioactive pill to help fight her cancer.  I've been working on renovating our other bathroom for my use in the next week or two so I am not exposed to the radiation from her.  The list of do's and dont's for her, and anyone in her home, is sobering.  She has to use her own utensils, she has to flush 2-3 times after using the toilet, she can't be around people closer than three feet for more than an hour so she won't be able to go to Mass ...and the list goes on and on. 

There are things in life that are black and white, no grey area,  no matter how much we might wish there was one or make one of our own imagining.  There is no grey area with radiation ...no grey area with death.  People shy away from absolutes but absolutes exist whether people acknowledge them or not ...

DS:   I will be praying for your mother, as I always do, and for you and the rest of the family during this time.  I can't imagine having a loved one go through such things, and I can only say that the Lord has really given you the grace to endure these trials.

Truth is an absolute.  People may have thousands of opinions of what Truth is, but their opinions neither take away or add to Truth.  I once met a blind man who refused to believe in the sun, even when he felt it beaming on him during the day, and enjoyed all the life that comes from it.  His opinion of the sun didn't stop it from traveling across the earth's sky, nor did his disbelief make it disappear.

Truth is Truth, and opinions are so insignificant against it ...  

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  1. Vee8, I will pray for your mom & you. God bless!
    PS. Beautiful words about the Truth. Thanks for them :)...