Friday, December 14, 2012

St John of the Cross

Today is the feast of St John of the Cross.  Often people consider him a lofty mystic but all he did was love God.  He didnt set out in life to reform Carmel or even to be a Carmelite!  He wanted to join some other Order  but that wasn't what God had in mind..  Thus John met Teresa of Avila and his life was never the same from then on.

At the hands of his fellow Carmelites John suffered kidnapping, imprisonment and beatings.  It was not what he signed up for but out of the sins of men came the realization of the love of God.  God gave people free will and when they used their ill will against John God was still able to turn that into something beautiful.  In the darkness John encountered God and his life was never the same from then on.

Today in the United States a man entered a school and shot teachers and very young students.  May those who are in darkness now from grief and sorrow at the ill will caused by the actions of a man find that in the darkness they aren't alone.  The same God John encountered is there for them beckoning to be silent, to hear Him, and to encounter His love.

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