Monday, March 5, 2012

The HHS Mess

DS: I am astonished at the propaganda being poured out by the media right now over Obama's forced mandate for all Catholic institutions to pay for women's birth control, sterilizations and abortions. Political pundits and "journalists" (I use that term extremely loosely here,) are having their say about it, and none of it is about the actual mandate, but more an attack on the Catholic Church. If there was any doubt that ABC, NBC, CBS were controlled by the liberal agenda, their "reporting" on this issue confirms it.

In recent days, it has come to be known that Media Matters for America, which calls itself a non-profit organization, has written total scripts for NBC news. All of it is propaganda. There is not one ounce of journalistic integrity amongst these people. They are pro-Obama, pro-liberal, pro-planned parenthood. These are the news sources millions stay tuned to. People are beginning to realize that they are slowly being fed what these people want them to hear. It is brainwashing on a grand scale.

In order for tyrants to stay in power, they "dumb" down the populace, get rid of or mock intellectuals and those who share truth with the public. The Catholic church is definitely in their crosshairs. The general voting public is already a victim. Are you next?

Here are some voices that refuse to be silent:

This list is hardly complete...there are many, many voices crying out against this injustice! Pray for the end of the obama administration come November. Pray our country is finally blessed with a president that understands the basics of the Constitution. The liberal media and those who propogate liberal ideas are already at work to divert the attention concerning this attack against religious liberty, instead they are putting the focus on "birth control access to women" and accusing those against the mandate as being "against women." THIS WOMAN wants to tell you, THIS IS A LIE. I am a woman and I am more offended by this mandate as it is an attack against the Catholic Church. This is an attack against religious liberty!

Stop this insidious mandate and let your voices continue to be heard. Pray that God will have mercy on the Church in America, because our persecution is only beginning.....

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  1. To impose this piece of legislation seems to be extremely discriminatory to all US Christians, regardless of their age: not only their traditional morality is deprived of its meaning and due respect...Now we can see that above-mentioned morality may be outlawed as well.

    It is difficult to understand how can Mr. President Obama be called a Christian.

    I'll be praying with you for the blessed November...