Monday, March 19, 2012

Feast of St Joseph

VEE: I love St Joseph!!! On this day Id like to share a thought I had while praying the fifth joyful mystery with DS. As most know the fifth joyful mystery is the finding of the child Jesus in the temple after Joseph and Mary spent three days looking for Him. I suspect after that episode they grounded Jesus until He was thirty and that is why He started His public ministry so late! :)

DS: (Guys shouldn't be ashamed to live with their parents until they're 30. Jesus did it. ;)

Vee also has a habit of pronouncing this Mystery, "The Fifth Joyful Mystery: the finding of Jesus in the temple...also known as...Jesus gets a spanking." I laugh every time!

Joseph was an awesome foster father, I'm sure. And Jesus had the most holy of Mothers. Yet, this Mystery portrays a very human side of this perfect family. Jesus never sinned. You can imagine the panic His parents felt when they lost him for 3 whole days. Joseph, being the guardian of the Holy Family, must have been going crazy trying to find his lost son. When they finally find him in the temple, their emotions were a mix of relief mingled with confusion, seeing that Jesus purposefully "lost" himself. Of course this story is a pre-cursor, a foreshadowing of the Triduum. Jesus will be "lost" for 3 days and we find Him again on Easter Sunday in his resurrected Glory.

I love St. Joseph. He is one of the Saints I honor and speak to the most. St. Teresa of Avila says he is an untiring intercessor for us. I imagine he faithfully fulfills the role of guardian and protector of the Church just as he did for Jesus, more than 2,000 years ago.

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  1. ...And St. Joseph may serve as the raw model of a Christian family member...We all should care for our families, being open to God's presence at the same time.