Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break 2012---welcome to Texas, Canadian!!!

DS: I told Vee to get down to Texas as soon as she could so I could kick her arse. Let the kicking commence!

VEE: arse?!?!?!? ahahahahha! Ds, you do realize you barely wrote anything about my previous trip to this lame place??

DS: Well, that was last summer and we never posted about it and before you know it, months passed and my memory isn't what it used to be. I'm old, remember?

Anyhoo, lets try to be better about posting this time...

Remember a few days back when I posted about Texas Independence day? Well, the Mexicans and the Texans made up, and things are all better. To toast the friendship, Vee and I traveled to Gruene's famous Mozie's Bar...

We Texans are very proud of our Lone Star state, and as a goodwill offering, I gave Vee a gift:

VEE: Im going to try to pass a lot of gas on my Texas flag lawn chair.

DS: <_<

Next stop: Natural Bridge Caverns, the Basilica of the Little Flower, and bothering some Carmelite Nuns...

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  1. Dos Equis was founded by Wilhelm Hasse. He emigrated to Mexico from somewhere in Germany.
    Spoetzl brewery's is named after Shiner brewmaster Kosmos Spoetzl, who was from Bavaria.

    My point, you all need to celebrate in Germany, preferably Bavaria.