Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let nothing...

VEE:  This came to my mind today at work when I found one of my coworkers to be annoying, in particular the part "let nothing disturb you."  He walked past and clapped his hands toward my face to get my attention and I was like "oh hi" but later I felt pissed off.  No he doesnt like me and I dont care if he did because he is a disgusting jerk.  On the contrary Ive thought for some time now that when people really annoy me it is God's way of putting them in my path, getting my attention so I might pray for them.  All things are passing.  all things are passing.  All things are passing. 


  1. "...Procuremos siempre mirar las virtudes y cosas buenas que viéremos(veremos) en los otros y tapar sus defectos con nuestros grandes pecados... tener a todos por mejores que nosotros..."
    Santa Teresa de Jesús.

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  3. "Let us always look the virtues and good things that we see in others and cover up their flaws with our own great sins... have everyone better than us..." (I'm not sure I translated the last part right)