Monday, April 2, 2012

Fun Retro-Commercials

DS: Today I was thinking about past television ads that bring back memories of childhood. I was just a little kid who enjoyed watching them so much, I would stop playing with my toys long enough to see them from beginning to end...

I remember playing with Frito Bandito erasers when I was a kid. I used to burn the heads in the car cigarette lighters. I'm glad the cars never exploded, and better yet--I did not grow up an arsonist...

I dont' know what the appeal of this one is, but all I remember is driving my mom nutz answering her with the catch phrase, "its an Ancient Chinese Secret!" I don't think neither one of these commercials would stand 4 secs of air time in our overly PC world today...

I cringe when i think how often I sang this song at the top of lungs in my house when I was a kid. My mom bought me the baseball monchichi, a little gorilla baseball player who sucked his thumb. Today I think I look just like these famous dolls.... :/

I was not even the age of reason during the 1970's, I guess that's a good enuff excuse for this Texas girl to admit I was a huge fan of the pittsburgh steelers, most especially the "steel curtain." To the horror of my family who were cowboy fans, I was especially a fan of this commercial. It never gets old for me...

And speaking of Coke...

...yet another classic that does something to me... it reminds me of the bad fashions of that era, and makes me think of my corduroy green jeans and bright orange crush t-shirts...


I never burnt erasers in the car lighter because I am more holy than DS, also because we didnt have erasers when I was a child...

I like this old one. I wasnt a little kid anymore but still its lameness was amusing to me.

I wasnt a big fan of that gum but I remember the catchy song.

Something I was a big fan of though, SMARTIES!!

...and we cant forget pacman ish type things and smarties!!!

Next, old tv shows but here is a preview because I had to post this!!


  1. The guy that wrote 'The Littlest Hobo' has a cool last name, I hope it's not pronounced with a long a sound, cause it would loose it's zymological charm.

  2. A nice post. I've heard about a tornado that hit Texas and I do hope that you are well and safe. God bless!

    1. Yes, Tomasz. The weather is a little scary sometimes, but I pray through it and the Rosary makes the clouds disappear.. :)