Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Sweet Sixteen to my Niece

VEE:  On this day sixteen years ago my first niece made her appearance.  My older sister had just graduated high school then got pregnant by her stupid boyfriend a few months later.  My sister, realizing he was stupid, got rid of the guy but that meant we all had to help raise my niece.  I was only a couple of years younger than my sister so was a teenage-selfish-know-it-all idiot.  Looking back I regret not helping out more.  I moved out and moved on with my own selfish life when I should've been there for my sister and niece.    Lamenting aside, she has grown up to be the most amazing, talented, incredible, beautiful young woman.  She can sing, paint, is very musical, very athletic, and is just all around awesome.  Like her aunt.  From now on I will pray very hard that she enters a good convent because I think the only man that deserves her is Jesus.


  1. That's one of my favorite pics of you, chica! :) Tell your niece happy birthday for me!!!

  2. Awww. I remember this pic. I marveled at the disparity in hair color. As my hair went from light to dark, yours went the opposite direction.
    I digress,

    Happy Birthday Vee's niece!

    Since she didn't get a quinceñera she needs a dieciséisera. Okay that's a dumb idea, ignore it.

    You dye your hair, don't you, it's okay, I won't tell DS.