Monday, April 23, 2012

Teresa of the Andes part 2

VEE:  Well she's not dead yet!  Not in Carmel either but rather still in school, however, the first hints of her vocation are becoming apparent and she even states to her spiritual director that she wants to be a Carmelite.  More importantly she wants to do whatever pleases God.  Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity also gets a shout out in this episode.

DS:  I am enjoying this mini-series.  The second part takes us to school.  We see how Juanita, her sister, and her friends are learning under the tutelage of a group  of religious sisters.  (I do not know what community they belong to, but they have interesting veils.  Not as beautiful as the Dominican habits, thats for sure!)  

We begin to see Juanita's vocation take root.  In my opinion, she acts as if she's having a nervous breakdown.  It's no surprise, as Carmelite saints seem to always have a few screws loose.    

We finally meet Juanita's beatnik brother.  He lives a frivolous life of partying, wine, and women.  Their father is losing everything and can use Miguel's help, but he's extremely selfish, and tells Juanita that he wants to live life to the fullest.  We see the contrast between his worldly definition of life and that which  Juanita is coming to understand as the true meaning of life.  Miguel lives only for his own pleasures, and has no place for God in his life.    And here is Juanita, who is finding herself struggling between a life of vanity, and her desire to "give God everything" which will eventually lead her to Carmel.

VEE:  A few screws loose eh?  So you'd fit right in ds!!

DS:  I am NOT a Carmelite!  


  1. Justin and I watched this mini-series a few months ago. We would have liked it a lot better if the whole thing were about 90 minutes, maybe two hours. Carmelites are just slow at everything, I think. The content was fine, just waaaay too drawn out.

    1. You got that right! Carmelites are slooooooooooooooooooooooow...