Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teresa of the Andes Part 5

VEE:  SHE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!   We see her postulancy and clothing in the novice habit and we also see her family and friends rather miserable at the clothing.  If that was someone I knew, I'd be restraining cheers!  I want that life for DS not myself.  My Carmel is in my heart.  There, amidst the clamor of my daily life is a nun in her cell with Jesus.  This Carmel then extends to everywhere I go.  My hallways and corridors are the city streets on my way to work and home again, sometimes covered with rain and mud, snow and ice, or sunshine and birds merrily singing.  I want the real convent for DS though and not in a happily wishing kind of way but in a way that I take her debts, her obligations over as my own leaving her free to enter..  That would bring me the greatest joy.

So, unlike the movie where Juanita/Teresa's family is sad and unhelpful I would not be like that if it was someone I knew.

DS:   I like to joke around a lot with VEE, pitting Dominican spirituality against Carmelite spirituality ...but in reality, I fell in love with religious life when I had my first experience with Carmelites and the monastic life.    This mini-series captures beautifully, a profound and deep love story between God and man.  We witness this love through Juanita's life.  No longer Juanita, but "Sister Teresa of Jesus," she takes us into the sacred world of Carmel, and I am enjoying every  minute of the journey...  

Again, as I watched, I reminisced...again, I felt a pang of desire... so many girls who are discerning right now, well...they have absolutely no clue what God has in store for them!  I kept saying to myself as I watched, "how lucky Teresa of Jesus is!!!"  Every stage of her formation, every step of her walk in Carmel is beautifully detailed in this episode.  

The happiness radiates from Teresa, but the sadness drips from her family when they come to see her at the convent.  What a contrast to display!  Those who are not yet fully recognizing the radical gift of Love Jesus is, compared to the nuns in the convent who live that radical love every day!    It is as different as black and white.  We see much growth in Teresa, but her brothers and sisters are somewhat at the same stage of grief.  There is a  hint of maturity in Rebecca, but other than that, the family and friends of Teresa still try to convince her and her family that the life of Carmel is misery!

The episode ends with suspense.  We will see what happens to little Teresa as we reach the final episode...

VEE:  We all know what happens to her DS, sheesh.

DS:  <_<

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