Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OPCarm Goes To Carmel!!!

VEE:  It was a quiet spring Saturday afternoon in Texas.  We decided to stop at a Carmel and see if we could pray in their chapel for a bit.  All was silent and meditative in the stone building as we slipped in the unlocked front door to the lobby.  Before trying to enter the chapel or attempting to speak to the nuns DS first needed to use the washroom.  The silence was shattered by gaseous sounds emitting from the public restroom and echoing off the stone walls.  Poor DS didnt realize the building isnt very soundproof.  She exited the washroom and before we could ring the bell to ask the nuns to unlock the chapel, we heard singing!  The soft chant of the salve Regina comes through the chapel doors and we dissolve into laughter as we realize THEY HAD BEEN IN THE CHOIR AND PROBABLY HEARD EVERYTHING!!   DS ran out in embarrassment and tried to stop laughing, I stayed and tried to record their singing and couldnt help laughing at the noise she kept making going out and coming in again.  We left after this recording.

DS:  *runs out the door*  

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